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I was born 1995, and raised in Antwerp, Belgium. Throughout my adolescent years I grew up in a small village in the northern part of Israel. Currently living in Vienna. 

In 2022 I graduated from the architecture department of Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts and Design and earned a B.Arch. I’m a self-taught seamstress and studied pattern-making at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art. 

I hold a small atelier where I practice hands-on projects mostly within the architecture field but find pleasure in deviating towards other art mediums, such as scenography, theater, puppetry, stage design, or costume design.


The projects often hold on to a story where its narrative finds comfort in an obscure, uncanny, absurd world. The hands are the ones that lead the project and take decisions on which material it wants to study or play with.





‘Cloud to Ground’, in the Israeli Pavilion at the 18th International Venice Biennale of Architecture 2023, part of the concrete-cast-sculptures-telephone-exchange-centers realization team, curated by Edith Kofsky, Oren Eldar and Hadas Moor. Instagram: @cloudtoground2023

‘Autoimmuned’,  April 6-22, 2023, in ‘Bazak Reaction’, exhibited in an apartment building about to be demolished in Tel Aviv, Bloch 34, as part of collective reaction dedicated to Israel’s political judicial reform crises, curated by Lola Liat Levy Azran and Bloch34Reaction. Instagram: @bazak_____reaction

‘Four translations of one house’, July 6-22, 2022, in ‘Bezalel Alumni Exhibition 2022’, fifth year architecture graduate students exhibition at Bezalel Architecture School, Jerusalem, as part of the Civil Architecture block led by Ytav Bouhsira and Noa Segev. 


‘Phantom: climate conditions deployed to reconstruct an absent tree’, November 15-28, 2022, Together with Lila Bobrowicz, in ‘Sixteen Tree Stumps: Cryptomeria japonica as Architecture’, group exhibition at Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, as part of the IAJS 2022 conference events, Haifa. Exhibited also at the Bezalel Architecture School Gallery, Jerusalem. Published in exhibition catalog, ‘Nature Ideologies Series’, pp 22-23, Tokyo. Curation and editing by Erez Golani Solomon, Yoav Orion and Katerin Pavlova.


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