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The project is more of a research that attempts to understand something about the present means of a tree. It starts by analyzing a stump, and through that study enter de depth of a fores, Yakushima forest. The thinking is for through architectural and photographic mediums. 

The amputated tree of it’s  stump leaves a phantom. The rain, the wind, the leaves, the new forest, the atmosphere are being effected. The absence of the tree is as present as its existence.

Summer 2019, Yakushima, instructed by professor Erez Solomon Golani.

Spring 2029, together with Lila Bobrowicz, instructed by professor Erez Solomon Golani.

Exhibeted: in ‘Sixteen Tree Stumps: Cryptomeria japonica as Architecture’, group exhibition at Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, as part of the IAJS 2022 conference events, Haifa. Exhibited also at the Bezalel Architecture School Gallery, Jerusalem.

Published: in exhibition catalog, ‘Nature Ideologies Series’, pp 22-23, Tokyo.

Curation and editing by Erez Golani Solomon, Yoav Orion and Katerin Pavlova.

CAD drawing, Rhino, graphite on paper, photography, photoshop, illustrator.

2_collage stump.jpg
3_collage stump.jpg
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