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An architectural study of autoimmune eruption. Disrupted communication between the immune system and the body, leads the latter to recognize healthy tissues as foreign and as a result, the body begins to attack itself. The legislative authority as the body and the judicial authority as the immune system struggle not to collapse.

The material research expresses the fear of a fundamental change in the structure of the social atom. The alienation and rejection aesthetics expresses the fluctuations in trust relations between the citizen and the establishment. And the eczema spread on the model symbolizes the perceptual change of the organizing party in the eyes of a given subject.

Spring 2023

Exhibited at ‘Bazak Reaction’, an apartment building about to be demolished in Tel Aviv, Bloch 34, as part of collective reaction dedicated to Israel’s political judicial reform crises, curated by Lola Liat Levy Azran and Bloch34Reaction. Instagram: @bazak_____reaction

water paint, autocad, photoshop, illustrator.

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