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The project deals with domestic horror and uses the table, the bed, and the swimming pool  for such a discourse. These elements are entities in a context of a home. They each have a clear horizontal line that defines an above and a bellow, which continues linearly through the body in interaction with the element. The house itself is composed of a plan that changes into a section that shifts into an axonometric which transforms again into a plan, while the rooms are connected with the spreaded walls translated to facades. The flooring is what determines the proportions of the room.


Spring 2021, instructed by professor Erez Solomon Golani 

autocad, illustrator.

3_horror_plan, section, exo, facade_table.jpg
4_horror_plan, section, exo, facade_bed.jpg
5_horror_section_swimming pool.jpg
2_horror_plan, section, exo, facade_swimming pool.jpg
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